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August 6, 2013

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Pierce-Weber Partnership recently joined with American Security and Rozin Security to provide combined services. (June 2012 Press Release)

Largest security company in Midwest partners with former FBI, CIA and Israeli security agents to strengthen offerings.  Strategic partnerships offer risk assessment, threat mitigation and education.
Partner Profiles:

American Security, LLC is the largest independently owned, full service security agency in the midwest. Learn more at

Rozin Security Consulting LLC provides security consulting, training and risk assessment services to public and private companies. President Michael Rozin served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a Sergeant in a specialized combat unit.  He developed, implemented and managed a behavior detection unit and a variety of additional innovative security programs at Mall of America before forming Rozin Security Consulting. Learn more at

 Pierce-Weber Partnership LLC is the only FBI-CIA partnership between two senior retired female officers from those agencies. It provides law enforcement and intelligence insight to partners like American Security as well as training, education and consultancy services. Together they present workshops and conduct training on various intelligence and law enforcement topics such as security when traveling abroad. They have provided consultancy services to law enforcement professionals, government agencies, schools and nonprofit organizations.
Triple Threat
The three companies partnered to help current and new clients develop proactive security programs capable of deterring and preventing acts of violence through risk assessment, behavioral recognition, threat mitigation protocols, and effective technology utilization as well as live, on site security personnel, training and education. The collaboration creates a unique suite of services that addresses prevention and response elements of clients’ existing or new security program. 

Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA)
AESA 27th Annual Conference November 28 to December 1, 2012
Tampa, Florida

On November 28 the three partners presented a panel to school administrators and school service providers on an insider look at how to prevent school shootings.  Creating a safe school climate requires integration of physical security, behavior assessment and the collection, analysis and reporting of threat information.  The partners brought their considerable combination of skills and experience to present a new perspective on school safety.  Michael Rozin's behavior analysis aspect was presented by American Security.   

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