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Law Enforcement and Intelligence:
The Difference Between the FBI and the CIA

Pierce Weber offices around the world

Debunking myths and urban legends. How the two agencies cooperate
and compete. Topics include: the scope of federal law enforcement and intelligence operations; the legislative requirements of the two agencies; the structure and missions of these organizations and how they do their jobs.

Security and Personal Safety when Traveling Abroad

Practical travel guidance born from years of experience, this presentation covers a wide range of security and safety tips. How do you protect yourself when traveling abroad? Do you know how quickly a foreign government can clone your computer? Do you know who to contact and how to reach them during a crisis overseas? How do you prepare for an emergency evacuation when overseas?

School Security - A Prevention Approach

Practical advice addressing the gathering and assessing of information to prevent a school shooting.

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Pierce Weber offices around the world

Climbing the Ladder to the Top of the FBI and the CIA

From gym teacher/cocktail waitress and code clerk to senior executives in the FBI and CIA, this presentation focuses on the rise of two strong women in the traditionally male-dominated professions of law enforcement and intelligence. Deb and Patti tell their personal stories of the climb to Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI and Chief of Policy of the CIA's National Clandestine Service (Directorate of Operations).

Leadership Lessons Learned

The experience of two women who rose through the ranks of male-dominated federal organizations: What leadership lessons did they learn over their years of service? What made them successful?

Conducting and Detecting Surveillance (for law enforcement)

Insight into the offensive and defensive aspects of conducting surveillance operations, how these skill sets apply to both law enforcement and intelligence operations – two very different sides of the same coin.

The Rules and Roles of Undercover Operations (for law enforcement)

Both the FBI and the CIA use subterfuge to conduct successful operations. Learn how the FBI and CIA conduct undercover operations, including some history, regulations, and the perspective of both organizations. What are undercover operations and why are they used?

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